The Infinitone is the FIRST PRIZE Winner of the 2017 Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition!

Photo © 2017 Buerovier GmbH

Listen to the Infinitone!

Don’t be afraid to put on your best sound system, turn this up LOUD, and let it dance through your bones (it gets funky)! This piece uses intervals in just intonation, so it will “resonate” in a way not commonly heard in modern music!

See/hear how the Infinitone can evoke musical expressiveness unlike any other instrument:

Watch the 2017 Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition winning performance here:

Please see Notation and Tuning for further information about the unique system of 256 MUSICAL COLORS on which this performance is based.

A short little Infinitone trio!

The Infinitone featured in a recent short documentary called, Rabbit Hole: