About Subhraag Singh

Subhraag Singh is an inventor, composer, and instrumentalist born in Tucson, AZ and currently based in Stuttgart, Germany.  He is the inventor the Infinitone (which was conceived and crafted entirely in his Stuttgart home) and founder of the Infinitonic Music Movement.  In 2017, the Infinitone had its first major success, receiving first prize at the Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition. His primary background as an artist has been as a saxophonist in the field of jazz music.  Subhraag has extensive international performance experience, and has had some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time as mentors.  In 2014, he began an investigation into the science of musical tuning, and this led him to the realization that there is infinite creative potential in music totally untapped by musicians of the present era.  Thus, he developed a new approach to making music called Infinitonica.  Infinitonica is a concept which he hopes will give musicians for many generations to come a foundation out of which they can create endless musical wonderments.

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