Notation and Tuning

The “standard” Infinitonic tuning system employs an “8-bit musical color resolution”.  The 256 unique intervals in 9 octaves of overtones have been condensed down down into 1 octave, generating a “color wheel”-like palate of musical intervals.  Because each interval is based on the overtone series, all combinations of notes “miraculously” sound in-tune, beautiful, harmonious, and resonant.

This system is documented here.  Each overtone has been assigned a color name to establish a firm link in the brain with its harmonic color nature.  Here is a video demonstration, and below that is a chart with names/numbers.

(click thumbnail to see full size chart)

And, along with a such a radically different tuning system, must go a radically different system of musical notation.  Here is an example of a musical score using this system.  For now this might be somewhat confusing, but “stay tuned” for a more in-depth explanation. (Note: this notation uses an earlier system in which undertones were also included) (click to enlarge in separate window)


And here is a screenshot of the iPad interface used to compose and perform in this system: