Here are links to articles featuring the Infinitone:

A wonderful in-depth article on Fast Company’s Co.Design website, which features cutting-edge topics in the world of design:

The Infinitone: An Entirely New Musical Interface


The winners of the 2017 Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition (First Prize: The Infinitone!):

Guthman 2017 Winners


A great short feature on

See the Wildest Winners of Competition to Invent New Musical Instruments


An article in TURKISH!!

Kaç Nota Biliyorsunuz?


An article in FRENCH!

L’Infinitone: Une Toute Nouvelle Interface Musicale Qui Dépasse N’Importe Quel Instrument Au Monde


And now beginning to pop up in blogs!

Infinitone Is the “Saxophone of the Future”

The Infinitone Is The iPad-Controlled Microtonal Saxophone Of The Future