Here are links to articles featuring the Infinitone:

A wonderful in-depth article on Fast Company’s Co.Design website, which features cutting-edge topics in the world of design:

The Infinitone: An Entirely New Musical Interface


The winners of the 2017 Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition (First Prize: The Infinitone!):

Guthman 2017 Winners


A great short feature on

See the Wildest Winners of Competition to Invent New Musical Instruments


An article in TURKISH!!

Kaç Nota Biliyorsunuz?


An article in FRENCH!

L’Infinitone: Une Toute Nouvelle Interface Musicale Qui Dépasse N’Importe Quel Instrument Au Monde


And now beginning to pop up in blogs!

Infinitone Is the “Saxophone of the Future”